Mortgage Matt

An Equal Opportunity Lender

Matt Brown, also known as Mortgage Matt, is the branch manager of Megastar Financial in Redding, CA. Before he became branch manager, he made his name in the community as a committed, conscientious, and courteous residential loan officer for Megastar Financial.

For almost three years Mortgage Matt helped homeowners and would-be homeowners buy, sell, and refinance their homes. What’s more, he consistently made it his goal to help customers navigate the complexities of the home buying process successfully and without frustration.

Matt Brown has about 10 years experience in business and finance. He is an expert in most Redding loan programs, including FHA, USDA, VA, commercial, and conventional loans. He is also skilled in mortgage planning, mortgage lending, investment, and many aspects of refinancing.

A long-time resident of Redding, Mortgage Matt earned a degree in business administration from Simpson’s University, and has been working with customers in the area ever since.

His message to potential customers: “Allow me to take out the intimidation, frustration, and confusion that might be holding you back today. I will make sure that you are choosing the right loan product so that you can walk away from the transaction with confidence.”

Working with Mortgage Matt in The Redding Area

Here’s what some of Matt’s customers have had to say about working with him:

“We just purchased a house and Matt and his team made it an easy and smooth experience. I would highly recommend him.” – Melanie Ramelli Allen

“My wife and I were looking for a home to retire in. We found it in Redding. After meeting with Matt he got our rate lowered, prequalifed and ready to buy our Dream home. Three bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage, and RV parking. Bam!!! It was ours. And now he is our neighbor. A man of Faith, commitment, integrity.” – Paul A. Irvine

“Matt Brown is hands down the best mortgage guy in Redding. He is very honest and thorough. I will use Matt on my next home purchase. Thanks for the help buddy.” – Travis Vicklund

“If you’re looking for a great local lender, look no further than Matt Brown” – Luke Sinyard

Mortgage Matt

The Easiest Home Loan In Northern California

Looking for a competitively priced home loan? Looking to refinance? I’m here to help.


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