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The power of Megastar Financial right here in Redding CA

Megastar Financial is a national mortgage bank. We like to call it a bank that’s “big enough to help but small enough to care.” That is, we offer all the great service customers expect from national mortgage banks and we do it in a very personable way. Megastar Financial Redding is Megastar Financial’s local branch.

About Megastar Financial

Megastar Financial is based in Denver, Colorado. Since it started in 1999 it has had a strong focus on giving back to the community. It has started programs to help the youth of Denver and a match program for charitable giving by employees.

A few of MegaStar Financial’s other philanthropic endeavors include the Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation, Mi Casa, Family Star, Volunteers of America and others.

Our ‘brand,’ as it were, can be summed up in a single word: Trust. We’re a financial institution that people can trust. We put the needs of customers squarely before our own. Every time.

In the last 10 years, trust in financial institutions has been in very short supply. We want to be different. We want to provide great products, and we want to provide great service, and we want to do it in a way that our customers can consistently trust.

Before the stock market crash, we were one of the only national mortgage bank that made the decision to stay away from sub-prime lending. Those particular risky loans were a major cause of the crash and the ensuing recession. (Here is one good article on the subprime mortgage crisis).

Megastar Financial in Redding, CA

Our location in Redding is brand new! Located at 920 Hilltop drive, we just had our official grand opening a few months ago. We have had loan officers in Redding for many years – including our current branch manager Matt Brown.

We are committed to providing the same service in our Redding location that Megastar Financial has come to be known for in Colorado and elsewhere. When Matt was chosen to be branch manager, it was because as a loan officer people trusted him.

Megastar Financial in Redding can offer a huge variety of loan products, including conventional loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, VA loans, and investment loans. We can also help with refinancing for any of these loan types.

When you work with us, we’ll return calls quickly, we’ll explain everything we do in a completely transparent way, and we’ll work to find the best possible product for you.

If you’re interested in working with us, or just want to know more about our services, contact Megastar Financial or come by our office. We would love to hear from you.

Eddy Price

Eddy price is a realtor for Aspire Real Estate. He has been licensed for over 14 years. Eddy specializes in residential work for buyers and sellers.

He has known Matt Brown for about three years, and worked with him on a number of projects. He describes Matt as “Quick to respond, very thorough. He pays extra attention to the needs of his clients. On the real estate side, he’s always completes everything within the specified time, and his communication is great. Working with him and Megastar Financial Redding is always a great experience.”

“Buying or selling a home has many moving parts,” he says, “ My goal is to always to reduce the heavy burden of the process so that my clients can still function effectively in their daily lives, and at the end I always gain a new friend for life. When I work with Matt, I feel or goals are aligned, and that we want the same great experience for the client.”

More information about Eddy Price can be found at

Frank Trotter

Frank Trotter is a realtor with Venture Properties. He has been helping buyers purchase residential properties and investment properties for 32 years. He guides buyers through the selection process, writes the offer, negotiates the contract, and represents them all the way to the successful closing of the Escrow.

Frank has known Matt Brown for 7 years and worked with him on countless occasions. He is enthusiastic about Matt’s excellent quality of service.

“It’s great working with Matt and the team at Megastar Financial Redding,” he says, “His attention to detail is excellent. His follow-up is superb. And he’s great with clients and customers.”

Frank also remarked that, as a specialist in working with buyers, he appreciated Matt’s attentiveness to his customer’s needs.

Bryan Chamberlin

Bryan Chamberlin is a realtor with Venture Properties. He has represented buyers and sellers looking for home loans in the Redding and Shasta County area for six years, though he has lived in Redding for 17 years.

He has known Mortgage Matt for several years, and observed that they share a similar philosophy of top-notch communication – returning phone calls promptly and always keeping their clients and associates up-to-date on all situations.

“He has great attention to detail and listening skills,” he says, “which are very important for the job.”

Overall, he says Matt Brown and Megastar Financial Redding is a “pleasure to work with.”

Danit Dollar

Danit Dollar is a realtor with U Save Real Estate. She has been with the business for nearly 7 years, and has a lot to say about the good work her company does, remarking on the knowledge, experience, and diverse backgrounds of the team. In her experience with Megastar Financial Redding and Matt Brown, she describes him as “very professional, very conscientious, and very easy to work with to make clients and customers happy.”