Megastar Financial Corp is a mortgage banker, not a mortgage broker. Our loans are processed, underwritten, and funded using systems owned by us.  Also, Megastar Financial is a National Approved FHA Lender. Please visit MegastarFinancial.com for a list of license numbers for each state. You can also visit our office at, 920 Hilltop Drive, Suite B, Redding, CA 96003. Megastar was rated the top mortgage company (A+ rating) in the U.S. by ML-Implode.com. Before the financial crisis we were one of few banks that made the decision not to sell sub-prime loans. We have consistently written good loans for the consumer. Megastar is now offering Safe and Secure Government products to help save customers’ homes. We have worked with FHA  and have made a commitment to help borrowers who are struggling to make payments due to their sub-prime loan. ML-Implode.com provides information on lenders that have failed or are on the version of collapse. Of the 120 banks that are still strong, Megastar Financial was the only banker with an A+ rating.

Matt BrownI am a mortgage loan originator living in Redding, California. I am a branch manager at Redding Megastar Financial bank – an organization that I like to say is “large enough to be competitive but small enough to be personable.” I’ve been with them for about three years. I am a Redding native through and through. I care deeply about the people in this area and want to enable them to improve their lives. My philosophy as a mortgage loan originator and a businessman is very straightforward: I believe that if you help people, and put yourself in their shoes, then your business will take care of itself. It is my goal to always help people find good homes and create their financing so that they can live in them affordably. I believe that buying a home shouldn’t be a headache. I believe it’s the duty of a mortgage loan originator to guide customers through the process and make it simple. I believe it’s my duty to work as hard as possible to ensure that you get the right package for you – whether it’s through conventional loans, VA loans, USDA loans, down payment assistance, or no-money-down loans. At the same time, my prices are lower than those of many of my competitors. If you want someone who will leave no stone unturned in his quest to find the right loan for you, please contact me at 530-999-9000. Find Out More About Mortgage Matt Megastar Financial Redding.

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